Internal Design Consultation

We invite you to comment on the internal layouts & potential ministries of the new church building.

While we have already received planning permission from Merton Council, that did not include most internal details. Among other things, this gives us an exciting opportunity for creating an internal design brief which we can give to the developer. Everyone is invited to view the consented plans and comment on how best we can use the space for gospel ministry. Please submit your feedback  by 18th March 2018.

When viewing the proposals and offering comments on what should be included in the final design brief, please bear in mind the following principles:

  • Gospel priorities – how best can we use the church to reach people with the gospel?
  • All ministries – how does the building need to be equipped for each of our different ministries?
  • Others – how does the building need to be used by young, old, regulars and visitors?Longevity – how should the building be designed to ensure it lasts for future generations?Cost – how can we be responsible with what God has graciously given to us?

Following the consultation, the BftF team will review the feedback received prior to agreeing a final design brief with the developer. There will be compromises to be made and difficult decisions will need to be taken with regards to priorities but for now, please ‘dream big’!

Once the design brief has been finalised it will be presented back to the church family.

If you have any questions or would like to submit comments, please email the Building for the Future team.

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