Construction launch

On Thursday 7th November we organised lunch for everyone involved in the detailed design of the new building. There were representatives from the developer, the church, the architect, the contractor, the engineers, planning advisers, quantity surveyors & the site team. It was a great opportunity to set out the vision for the new building; not just in terms of what we want to build but how we want to work together. Everyone was excited to hear from senior pastor; Richard Coekin about why we are doing this project, our hopes for the building and how the spaces within the new building design will be used.

The lunch was a significant first step in building relationships so that we work effectively together to deliver this project. It was also an opportunity to explain that we don’t need to build a confessional because we have direct access to God through the death of Jesus.

As a church we are praying for the project:

  • that non-believers involved in the project will come to know more about what it means to be a Christian;
  • that the Christians on the project will act with grace & integrity that reflects the nature of God;
  • for God to be glorified through the building project itself (not just through ministry in the finished building).